My favoirte things….Lula Roe 

I love Lula Roe clothing!  I went to my first party 5  months ago and purchased my first two pieces…both perfect tees.  I went to my second pary 2 months ago and purchased two more pieces…a Cassie skirt and a Carly Dress.  I love them all.  They are very comfortable and made of very soft material.  It washes well and doesn’t need ironing, as all good clothining should.  I’m also very impressed with the style and versitality of the pieces.  I haven’t had the opportunity to yet but I think they would also pack and travel well.  I have several friends that are also big fans of this clothing line.  This is a line of clothing that will apeal to people of all ages.  (They carry some kids and teen sizes too.) There are lots of options for styles – casual to dressy, fitted to loose and flowing, versitality in wear, and designs from basic to bold.  As a woman who just turned 40, I like comfort, style, and fit for my body.  It’s important that all women feel good in their clothes and also feel stylish and sexy.  LuLa Roe is one line to accomplish that feeling.   I’ve just recently hosted a Lula Roe party.  There were over 20 in attendance. All the ladies loved the clothing and were able to find pieces that fit them the best.  I also like how the consultant showed how versitile the pieces are with tricks to change the look.  And, she informs the party guest how to care for their new pieces.  As the host I received free pieces based on the number of pieces sold.  I’m excited to wear my new pieces and prehaps add to my collection again soon. Always go in style on any journy you take, Lula Roe can help.

Here are some of my pieces:

Cassie skirt paired with a Classic Tee- can be fun and simple or dressed up

Leggings- pairing with my solid purple Cassie

Maxi skirt

Julia Dress- straight cut,  I had to go up a size.

Amelia Dress- zips up the back, elegant or simple depending on accerssories

Carley Dress- longer in back, flowing, very comfortable, can be tied up on one side for a different look

Irma shirt- longer in back, loose and relaxed, pair with leggings or skinny jeans

Perfect Tee, can be relaxed or dressey


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