So…You like eating saw dust ?

Did you know you were eating saw dust?  Right now you are probably thinking ……I’ve never eat saw dust.  And, you probably think I’m crazy, right?  I bet you have eaten saw dust!  Ever go the grocery store and buy shredded cheese…you know the kind in the zipper seal bags?  You probably make a pizza with it, or put it on tacos, maybe sprinkle a handful on a salad. Then, yes you have eaten saw dust.  Never read the ingredients list?  Go ahead, journey over to your refrigrator and pull out that bag of cheese.  See cellulose on the ingredient list…that’s another name for wood pulp!  Gross isn’t it?  It’s used to keep the cheese pieces from sticking together.  According to some research I did, it is safe for consumption per the FDA.  (I don’t know about you but I don’t think it’s safe and I don’t want to eat it.) The research also says it adds fiber to your diet, mimics fat,  and acts as a filler or binder in processed foods (which saves food companies 30% cost)….seriously?  Apparently it’s widely used in many processed foods such as crackes, ice cream, pizza sauses, BBQ sause, dressings, fruit cups, tortillas, coffee creamer, and soup mixes, just to name a few. Read the ingredients, buy less processed foods, become an informed consumer or else…. eat saw dust. 

Cheese was the product I first found to contain cellulose.  I’ve since started reading labels more. Cheese is one food used widely by many people that contains cellulose.  I stopped buying the shredded stuff a couple years ago.  I now buy blocks of cheese.  I invested in a really good Pampered Chef cheese grader and I shed my own.  It only takes a couple of extra minutes to shed up the cheese, it taset better (wonder why), and is fresher.  I simply store whats left of the block in a zipper seal bag.  I keep several types in the refrigataror so I will have what ever I need for a meal.  I always check my stock when making out my shopping list.  So, on your next journey to the grocery store pick up some cheese, blocks not pre-shredded.  I hope someone finds this blog helpful and makes your meal tastier. And, don’t forget to read the ingredients list of other products you buy!

Pampered Ched cheese Grater- one of my most used kitchen tools, along with my Pampered Chef Flexible Cutting Mats.

The grater can also be opened all the way so you can hold the handle and grate.

This picture shows the safety guard.


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