My favorite things…Food Saver

As a working mom I don’t have time to go to the grocery store or my local bulk food store that often.  That’s one reason I menu plan and write out my shopping list accordingly.  Buying in bulk or stocking up when I find a sale helps me with my menu planning.  I can journey to my deep freezer rather than planning a trip to the store.  One thing I buy in bulk/on sale is meat.  That way I always have what I need.  It’s also cheaper.  However, I don’t like that way meat looks after being in the freeze for more than a couple of days.  You know that look…brown, ice covered, burnt.  

My new kitchen gaget is the solution to that nasty looking meat.  It also works great for freezing frutis and vegetables, espically if you garden!  A few months ago I purchased a Food Saver. The Food Saver is a machine that vacuum seals your food into individual bags.  There are two options for bags: bags of various sizes  or a roll that can be custom sized.  The Food Saver is quick, easy, and improves the quality of your food.  The box comes with specific instructions for using the machine and instructions for using both the bags and the roll, which ever you prefer.  It also comes with your first package of quart size bags and one roll of material.  Once you package out your meat just freeze as usual. But, when you decide to use that meat you will be pleasently surprised.  It will look just the way it did the day you bought it.  No brown, icey, burnt mess. There are different models of the machine so do some research before purchasing to find what works best for you, but do purchase a Food Saver….they are awsome! 

Food Saver

This meat has been frozen 2-4 weeks and still looks fresh!


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