My favoite things…Egg Cooker

I just recently purchased a new kitchen gadget and I LOVE it! I bought a Cuisinart Egg Cooker. I purchased my cooker on Amazon for $36.  Yes, I realize that cooking eggs on the stove it not hard, but this machaine does makes it even easier, less time consuming, and less cleanup.  I don’t know about you, but I always either over cook or under cook my boiled eggs because I get distracted, don’t see the water start to boil, and don’t start the timer when I should.  My new egg cooker solves that problem.  No pot or skillet to wash either.  The Cuisinart Egg Cooker  will soft, medium, and hard boil eggs, poach, and make omlets!  Since eggs are such a great protein, I am trying to eat them more often and this machine helps me to do that. The machine comes with all necessary parts and pieces to make delicious boiled or poached eggs or a 3 egg omlet.  Eggs are an “egg-celent” source of protein, 6 grams per large egg, and low in fat, 5.3 grams, and calories, 78 per egg.  They also contain several vitamins and minerals. Compared to other proteins they are very inexpensive. Eggs are great to eat for breakfast, add to a salad at lunch for protein instead of meat, or as a quick snack before or after a workout to help restore your muscles.  This machine is just one way I have found to make my journey as a working mom and wife a little easier. Remember, eating well isn’t hard……  you just need to plan and invest a little in good gadgets!

All parts and pieces to boil, poach, and make omlets.

Cook 7  boiled eggs

Add an accessory to make 10 boiled eggs.

Graduated measuring cup tells how much water to add to the well,  based on what you want to cook and how you want it cooked.  The cooker senses the amount of water and knows how much to cook what ever type of eggs you are cooking.  They come out perfect everytime.

To make an omlet- crack 3 eggs into a bowl.

Add in your omlet ingredients of choice. I use Thrive Life green and red peppers, spinach, cheese (shredded from a block or course with my Pamper Chef cheese grader).

Pour into the lightly buttered omlet tray. Place the tray onto the cooker. Then cover with the egg shaped lid and turn on the cooker.

About 12 minutes later ….. (Caution, the lip gets very hot during cooking.  Use a pot holder or towel.)

The omlet turns out onto a plate without sticking.  I cut it up into pieces to either eat or make a breakfast burrito.

Now for clean up…let the machine cool and wipe out the bottom of the well. (White vinegar can also be used to claen it, see instructins with cooker.) Next place the omlet or poacher tray onto the top rack of the dish washer or simly hand wash.  That’s it!

(Note- I’m not a fan of poached eggs so I have not tried to cooked poached eggs with this cooker yet.)


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