Gardening Gadgets

Since I have shared the past two weeks about planning, preparing, and planing sping crops, I wanted to share a cople of my garden gadgets.  I won’t be planting anything else until the weather warms, most likely the middle of May.  

The first gadget I’m sharing is a row cover.  I purchased it last year on Amazon.  It’s long enough and wide enough to cover all 4 of my beds if I wanted to.   It’s great to use when the weather gets really cold, like this past weekend when snow was predicted and there were a couple of heavy frost.  It was 30 degrees Saturday morning.  It’s made of material that feels and looks like a cheese cloth.  Light can still get to the plants, but are protcted from frost and snow and harsh wind.  We use wooden post to hold it in place.  

Our newest gadget is this Night Guard light.  It is solar powered and at night has a red blinking light.  It is used to detour various animals who won’t come near the light.  We originally bought it to attach to our chicken coup (our latest adventure).  I thought if it will keep animals like racoon away from the chickens then it should keep animals away from the garden as well.  We have deer that have wreaked havic on our garden in the past.  The rabbits and racoon also like to visit the garden.  According to the directions, the light should be placed at about eye level with the animals you wish to keep away.  We have only had this one for about a week.  We plan to buy a couple more and place in locations around the garden area at various heights. (We’ll buy the chickens a new one too.) This light was purchased at Northern Tool for $20.  Northern Tool 

Buying clean barrels and placing them under downspouts is great for reducing the water bill. Remember raised beds must be well watered everyday.

This water pump is used to pump water from the barrels to the hose so we can quickly water the garden.

The journey to a great garden isn’t always easy, but with the right gadgets and a little know how, the end result will be worth the effort.


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